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How to Accessorise your Vintage Wedding Dress... and the super new-look 'Love My Dress'

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Do you already know Love My Dress? It's a wonderful wedding blog, full of ideas and inspiration by brilliant blogger Annabel. Well, today it's all looking rather new and different... Check out their pretty new design here.

And it reminded me about a post I wrote for Annabel a little while ago, all about accessorising vintage wedding dresses. Just scroll down to see it below. (Some of these beautiful dresses may no longer be available, but do call me to check!) Or visit LoveMyDress to see the original post and admire the lovely redesign at the same time!


I often get asked by my lovely brides for my advice regarding accessorising 
their vintage wedding dress. With this in mind I have some images to share – 
all the dresses are vintage and are from my own stock at Heavenly Vintage 
Brides, but the accessories are a mix of old {original vintage} and new.
with a short wedding dress like the first few photographed  here, there is  
great scope for fabulous statement shoes, which don't have to be ivory or 
white.  Lots of my Brides wear coloured shoes, red or pink in various shades 
being the most popular.  Several of my lovely brides have chosen the Melissa 
shoe, by Vivienne Westwood {below right in various shades}, and in the 
photo below {left}, the model is wearing Lady Dragon by Vivienne 
Westwood in red.

The sweet little 50s tiered lace dress the model above is wearing is 
unfortunately sold, but I will be making some copies of it in the Spring in 
fabulous French lace – keep an eye on my site for news of my own little 

The shoes that my model Patience is wearing below are very modern 
but go well with the dresses, they are in a great nude pink colour which 
make her legs look super-long.

The lovely knee length dress here is 1960s Tulip style and has a very 
elegant, couture look and feel. It is approx a size 10 to small 12 and 
priced at £900, and is currently available to try on at the Heavenly 
Vintage Brides studio.
When my clients ask me for shoe ideas,  I often suggest a Spanish 
designer called Chie Mihara, her designs manage to look both vintage 
and contemporary at the same time. Take a look at Chie's website – 
her price start from around £240.
Chie Mihara

Another shoe designer I often suggest to my clients is Rachel Simpson 
whose dainty little shoes have a very vintage feel. I particularly like the 
Ginger style, in gold or silver as seen here. This designer has also just 
collaborated on a new range of shoes for dance-wear specialist Freed of 

A more cost effective alternative is to have a look at Next wedding 
shoes. The prices start from £30 and the shoes are really very pretty, 
and fantastic value. 

Vintage Bling…
I do love a bit of bling, so I often add a vintage brooch to a dress, 
the 1940s brooch Patience is wearing goes well as it's the same age 
as the dress and adds a bit of subtle sparkle, and the diamante pattern 
is quite lacy.
A great place to buy affordable vintage jewellery is the Hammersmith 
Town Hall Vintage Fair, run by Paola of P & A Antique Fairs, I get lots 
of great accessories, and petticoats there.
The little white flower and heart hat is by Cherished Vintage and the 
cocktail ring is from Top Shop and is just added for fun…
In one shot we have the ultimate accessory -  the 'handbag-sized' dog….! 
In this case JJ, who behaved very well considering she is only a few 
months old!
This dress by the way, is in beautiful cotton lace original vintage number, 
that was worn by a bride in Richmond back in the 1940s. I love the fact 
that I know her name and the year it was worn.  The Bride stored it so 
carefully with a little mother of pearl Bible and a coin dated 1940. It is 
in fantastic condition so it was obviously a treasured possession.
The dress is approximately size 8/10 and priced at £900.
The next dress is a 1950s tulle prom style dress. I have used a dainty 
little vintage diamante necklace which belonged to my model Cordelia's 
grandmother. I think it's lovely to try and use a family piece of jewellery 
- it doesn't need to be a valuable piece, just go through 'Granny's' 
jewellery box!
The headdress the model is wearing is made from vintage gold leaves 
and delicate diamante jewellery – a design by Cherished Vintage. The 
dress is priced at £850 and is size 8.
The headwear is of course very important an accessory, particularly for 
my photoshoots. I have used a range of styles made by Abby and Debbie 
at the wonderful Cherished Vintage.  They use original vintage jewellery 
to make lovely unique headpieces and bands, and to my delight - great 
little hats, which are a recent addition to their range.  All the headpieces 
I used on my shoot were made by Cherished Vintage.
The dress here is a 1960s very classic style with a beaded neckline, and 
tulip skirt. The headdress made from vintage pearl jewellery was perfect 
with it – I needed something very simple in shape, to reflect the simplicity 
of the dress and the beaded neckline, and  It had just the right kind of 
beading and just the right 'weight' to it – again, from Cherished Vintage.
I though the style demanded a simple Audrey Hepburn style hairdo, but  
I made it a bit loose, to keep it modern.  The dress size is approximately 
a size 8.
Hairstyles are of course very important and I feel that they should echo 
the period of the dress but with a modern feel. Hair styles of the past 
were very fixed and lacquered and these days, girls don't want anything 
quite as stiff. 
Here, I again used a cute little hat from Cherished Vintage, and false 
eyelashes, which are great for capturing that vintage feel.
The dress, again modelled by Cordelia is silk organza from the 1950s 
with French Lace appliques, priced at £1200, it has a long sweeping 
train and a beautiful sash and fits approx a size 8. The little hats are 
hand-made on new bases using vintage flowers and textiles, and will 
be a feature of Cherished's ready to wear collection, or can be made 
bespoke to order.
The dress shown below is again from the 1950s and is beautifully 
constructed with  many panels forming the skirt.  It almost has a corset-like 
effect to draw attention to a neat waist.  It is approximately a size 8 or 
small size 10, and priced at £1100.
The final dress is a cute sparkly tulle and lace 1950s prom dress with 
pearls and sequins following the pattern of the lace around the neckline.  
I have used a great headpiece which has a sparkly vintage brooch at its 
centre, as of course the sparkles on the dress demand a bit more sparkle 
in the hair!  The dress is a size 8 and priced at £1000.
All these dresses are available at Heavenly Vintage Brides, and I love 
to meet Love My Dress brides, so please feel free to contact me to book 
in for an appointment sometime to try some on!
My prices range from £350/400 to around £1250 for an original 
vintage wedding dress. Unfortunately I don't have space to stock many 
accessories,  but I do have some nice original vintage wedding veils, 
and some great cocktail veils – designed by Helena Talbot of HT 
Headwear, that compliment my dresses in the most wonderful way.  
Helena can also create headpiece designs to match your specific ideas.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Do check out Annabel's blog,
LoveMyDressAnd please do visit me later this week when I'll be 
featuring some fabulous 1930s wedding dresses!
Heavenly Vintage Brides