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Farewell Lauren Bacall, Vintage Icon and Queen of Cool...

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Sad news today that the fabulous Lauren Bacall has passed away at the grand old age of 89. Let's take a minute to remember how utterly glamorous she was...
Lauren's publicity photo for HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE, 1953
From the 1940s and right through the 50s, 60s and 70s, Lauren was always super-stylish - a vintage icon with a very modern style. 
Harpers Bazaar, March 1943
Her career was launched after a chance meeting with legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland at the age of 16. As Lauren recalls,
"Vreeland put a suit on me, told me which makeup to use—but very little. 'Betty, I don't want to change your look.' When all was done she put a scarf round my neck—knew just how to tie it, a little off-center—and I was ready for my first sitting with Harper's Bazaar." 
The March 1943 Harpers Bazaar cover that resulted from this shoot grabbed Hollywood's attention, gaining Lauren her first screen test, a name change, and ultimately a host of amazing movies and awards.
With future husband Humphrey Bogart in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT
Lauren kept a lifelong interest in fashion, and was muse to Yves St Laurent and friends with many other designers including Pierre Cardin and Jean Paul Gaultier. She's even name-checked as a style icon by Madonna in the hit song, 'Vogue'. Here's a few of her great looks, through the vintage decades...
Lauren in 1940s crepe blouse and black pants 
In slinky black satin for TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, 1944
Sitting pretty in a 1944 jumpsuit
Diana Vreeland taught her to tie that scarf!
In fabulous 1940s floral gown
What a girl! Lauren in 1943
In the famous dogtooth suit from THE BIG SLEEP, 1946
A picture of elegance, 1949
Classic sultry Lauren look in white dress and red lips, 1950
In white lace blouse and pleats for YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN, 1950
With Marilyn Monroe for HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE, 1953
In 1957 Ceil Chapman gown
1950s evening glamour
On the set of NORTH WEST FRONTIER, 1959
Iconic 1970s style in tweed pant suit, with Bianca Jagger
In head to toe sequins, 1972
1970s and so Gucci, with low cut shirt and long necklace
With Yves St Laurent (right) and designer Paco Rabanne (left)
Still just as glamorous at the 1981 opening of DREAMGIRLS
Amazing, aged 88, dressed by Dior
But I'd most like to remember Lauren with these gloriously happy images of her wedding to Humphrey Bogart at the age of 19, in May 1945...
Thanks, dear readers, for joining me in wishing Lauren a warm farewell. More lovely wedding fashion later this week.
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