Thursday, 5 May 2016

Old-school glamour at the Met Gala

Dear Reader,
This week saw one of fashion's biggest annual events in New York: the fabulous opening night for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Manus x Machina exhibition
A Chanel wedding dress covered in silk camellias – and 700 hours in the making!
All about the meeting of style and technology, the exhibition features work by Vuitton, Chanel and Dior. And of course, the fashion world turned out in style for the opening – with a 'white tie' dress code. 

I don't know what you think, but there seemed to be fewer really beautiful dresses this year – perhaps the theme made it more difficult. But here's a small taster of this year's standout outfits. 
Blake Lively in beautiful pink Burberry gown.

Although it was neither high–tech nor white, Blake Lively looked pretty and elegant in her 1950s–styled baby pink Burberry dress, that flowed over her baby bump.
Lily–Rose Depp in Chanel, already so confident at 16.
Lily–Rose Depp looked amazing in white Chanel dress and bomber jacket casually slipping off her tiny frame. Only 16 and so confident... But then she does have mum and dad to guide her!
Rose Byrne, in fabulous 1970s style silver dress.
Silver was a big trend on the night, giving a techno feel to even the softest and most floaty of dresses. Here's Rose Byrne looking stunning in a slinky silver 1970s style dress.
Sienna Miller in 1970s style dress by Gucci
Keeping to the 1970s / metallic theme, Sienna Miller looked fab in her Gucci gown. Again, this one is very 1970s style – but still simple and chic. 
Lorde in Valentino tulle floor length dress
Lorde chose a super–pretty Valentino dress in layers of pastel tulle for her Met Gala debut.
Dakota Johnson in 1970s inspired Gucci with star-shaped lace panels
Many dresses have really divided opinions this year – including this kooky Gucci dress worn by Dakota Johnson, with its clashing colours and star–shaped lace panels. Young and fun, or a bit too Camden Market…? What do you think?
Elizabeth Debicki in pretty green Prada – and Tom Hiddleston
Another dress that garnered very mixed reactions is Elizabeth Debicki's green floral Prada gown. Personally, I think she looks darling in it – so fresh and pretty, with a timely hint of boho – and a lovely change from some of more obviously sexy (I'm being tactful… some were really tacky) outfits. What do you think of it?
Nicole Kidman in twinkly 1920s inspired dress by Alexander McQueen
Nicole Kidman stepped delightfully outside her comfort zone this year – leaving behind the severe minimalism of her usual red carpet choices to go for a twinkly, pretty and fun 1920s inspired dress with cape from Alexander McQueen. And the choice really paid off with a winning combination of glamour and prettiness. 
Clare Danes in beautiful 1950s style princess dress… with a secret...
And taking the theme to heart in a spectacular red carpet coup, Clare Danes completely stole the show in this 1950s style baby blue princess dress by Zac Posen. Yes, it was pretty. But more importantly…
Clare Danes lights up the red carpet, literally!
…It glowed in the dark! Truly combining technology with fashion, Clare's (slightly bonkers) dress is made from fibre optic woven organza and had 30 mini battery packs sewn into it.
Crazy… but also kinda fabulous. Fashion, eh!
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