Saturday, 27 September 2014

Vintage Bride of the Week: Stunning Selina in 1940s 'Bette' Wedding Dress

Dear Reader,
Bride of the week is Selina, stunning in 1940s wedding dress Bette from my Heavenly Collection.
Selina has a wonderful figure. And the Bette dress with its lower back suited her so beautifully...
Groom Joe agreed completely. In Selina's words...
"The day was amazing and everything was perfect from start to finish. Joe loved the dress as did the guests and I felt gorgeous in it. I had a lot of comments and questions about who made it. 
 Thank you so much - I hope you're busy making lots of brides as happy as you made me!"
It was a joy to work with Selina - a privilege to dress such a delightful girl. Lucky Joe!
And of course, lucky me! I do love my job and I am very proud of all my Brides. Huge congratulations to Selina and Joe!
Heavenly Vintage Brides

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A POP video, vintage wedding style!

Dear Reader,
Remember the cute photoshoot featuring my 1950s and 1960s wedding dresses, from last week...? 
Well, I thought you might enjoy a sneaky peek behind-the-scenes. It's really interesting to see what goes into making it all happen! So here's a fun short movie of the day...

Thanks again to everyone involved (full credits below). And don't forget I have lots more lovely 1950s and 1960s inspired wedding dresses here in my Heavenly Collection.
Heavenly Vintage Brides

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With thanks to:
Photography by Modern Vintage Weddings
Flowers by Euphoric Flowers
Hair & make-up by Gemma Sutton
Stationery by Hip Hip Hooray
Cake by SK Cakes
Groomswear by Tweedmans Vintage and Laird London
Hair accessories & jewellery by Olivier Laudus
Tableware & furniture by Coordination HireLSA InternationalNorthfields

Friday, 19 September 2014

Vintage Bride of the Week: Stephanie in 1960s lace and chiffon wedding dress.

Dear Reader,
There's an Autumn nip in the air today. So I'm going to share these gorgeous pics from real vintage bride Stephanie...
Stephanie married last Winter in the idyllic setting of Bloomington, Indiana. 
Stephanie is such a delightful girl and I was really pleased to meet her charming parents, Steve and Jane, who flew over from Canada to help choose the dress.
With their help, Stephanie chose this stunning original early 1960s wedding dress in lace and chiffon - so glamorous! And I love her swishy 1960s hairstyle that works so well with it. (For more great 1960s hair ideas, click here.)

Stephanie certainly made the right choice...
"The dress was amazing, absolutely beautiful and all I could have hoped for! I received so many compliments, and people said it was one of the most stunning gowns they'd ever seen. Thank you for all of your hard work, and for helping to make my big day so special.
Marriage has been a treat, and we think fondly back to December 14th often. It went by so fast, but it was such a memorable day nonetheless. Thank you again, Helena!"
Thanks so much for sharing the pics, Stephanie and Brian. We love your snow-kissed 1960s style!

And thanks to USA photographer Eric Rudd for the pictures - you can see lots more of this gorgeous wedding on his blog here.

Heavenly Vintage Brides

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

1950s & 1960s wedding dresses - Vintage gets a Pop vibe!

Dear Reader,
After so much slinky glamour, I thought it'd be fun to try a very different look for your vintage wedding dress. Today, let's go POP!
1950s and 1960s wedding dresses can be so flirty and pretty, with a great pop feel. You can play this down, and keep it chic and simple. Or dress them up and really go to town...
And don't just think pastel. 1950s and 1960s wedding dresses are bold enough to carry off a more individual colour palette...
And - like this fun photoshoot for You and Your Wedding - you can be really playful with the accessories...
The dresses featured here are a mix of original 1950s and 1960s vintage, and Stella from my Heavenly Collection of vintage-inspired wedding dresses. If you'd like to see similar dresses, do contact me.
Cute! See you later this week when I'll be sharing pics from a lovely Real Vintage Bride.
Heavenly Vintage Brides

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With thanks to:
Venue: London Docklands Museum
Photography by Modern Vintage Weddings
Flowers by Euphoric Flowers
Hair & make-up by Gemma Sutton
Stationery by Hip Hip Hooray
Cake by SK Cakes
Groomswear by Tweedmans Vintage and Laird London
Hair accessories & jewellery by Olivier Laudus
Shoes by Irregular Choice and Benjamin Adams
Bags by Clementine Weddings
Tableware & furniture by Coordination Hire, LSA International, Northfields
Props by Preppy Owl Boutique, Vowed & Amazed, Planet Sputnik, Bubblegum Balloons

Friday, 12 September 2014

Divine inspiration: the Italian nun making wedding dreams comes true.

Dear Reader,
I first saw this uplifting story in the New York Times a little while ago. Do read on, I think you'll be charmed...
High in the hills of Umbria sits a beautiful medieval monastery, St Rita's. It's named after the patron saint of weddings and for 600 years it has been a place of pilgrimage for Italian women, praying to the saint to protect their marriage. And often leaving their wedding dress as a gift of thanks...
And it is here that the wonderful Sister Maria Laura has a completely unique atelier - providing disadvantaged brides-to-be with the dress of their dreams, all completely free. 
Before taking her vows twenty years ago at the age of 28, Sister Maria was a seamstress and designer. Now she applies her skills to re-fitting and re-styling dresses for any bride who could not otherwise afford one!
In return, the brides often make a donation, or simply return their dress after the wedding so that someone else can enjoy it. Sister Maria never leaves the convent, and now has so many brides visiting that this has become a full-time occupation. In her own words...
"It gives me great joy to see a young woman who can fulfil her dream of love with a dress appropriate for the happiest day of her life."
What a darling! Sister Maria, we salute you.
Enjoy your weekends, Heavenly friends, and see you again next week.
Heavenly Vintage Brides

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Photos c. Nadia Shira Cohen