Sunday, 1 March 2015

Vintage Wedding Dress Trends 2015 - number 7

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I think you probably already know I love this one, the last of my tips for the year ahead…
Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Pre-Fall 2015


This is a high fashion statement which again has its roots in vintage dressing. Doesn't it look so elegant to have a high neckline and long sleeves…
Original 1960s wedding dress with high neck and long sleeves, priced £995
Real bride Molly, in vintage 1960s wedding dress by Priscilla of Boston
I'm always looking for beautiful 1960s wedding dresses that feature this trend, particularly by one of my favourite designers - Priscilla of Boston. I've dressed several beautiful brides in her dresses from the 1960s and early 70s.
Original 1960s high-necked wedding dress in nude lace, priced £850
Real bride Molly in Priscilla 1960s wedding dress, with high lace neckline
1960s high neck wedding dress by Priscilla of Boston
Original 1960s wedding dress with lace high neck and sleeves, price £850
Priscilla managed to create such an elegant look with flattering silhouettes, high necklines, long sleeves and rows of tiny buttons down the back.
Let's end with beautiful real bride Molly in 1960s Priscilla wedding dress
Watch out for this trend in 2015 - as seen in Sarah Burton's latest show for Alexander McQueen (pictured at top). And if you'd like to see more original 1960s wedding dresses, do contact me.

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Thanks to Abby at Cherished for the models' headwear