Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Do ALL brides love lace wedding dresses…?

Dear Reader, 
Every bride loves lace. Well, at least that's how it seems
'Angel' lace wedding dress is always one of the most popular in my vintage style collection.
Lace makes a beautiful background for vintage accessories.
Sometimes girls visit my West London studio with a particular style of vintage wedding dresses in mind. Other times, they love the romance and charm of vintage, without any favourite era...
Exquisite original Nottingham lace makes my 1930s style Angel dress really special.
Or perhaps they've been drawn in after seeing their favourite model or movie star choose a vintage wedding dress. But just about always, when girls see the rails of beautiful vintage wedding dresses in my studio, it's the lace dresses they will first pick out.
What else has the romance of lace wedding dresses?
Whether it's frothy and pretty 1950s style lace wedding dresses, or a more slinky 30s style, vintage and lace seem to go hand in hand.
Elegant and delicate, yet still simple… Angel in 1930s lace.
And undoubtedly, Angel is one of the most popular of all. This delicate and elegant 1930s style wedding dress from my Heavenly Collection is made of the finest quality lace, still made in the traditional way – and to their original 1930s design – by one of England's oldest lace-making companies.
Soft and flattering, lace wedding dresses are beautiful on all skin types.
Angel is available in this beautiful lace, and in a range of other exquisite fabrics priced from £995. Why not contact me to find out more, or to come and admire it for yourself…?
Angel 1930s-inspired lace wedding dress – come and see it soon!
What do you think? Do you love lace too?
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