Sunday, 28 February 2016

Have you seen these darling vintage-style wedding head-dresses? Each one is handmade and unique...

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Last year, a lovely bride called Ruth shared her wedding pictures here on my blog. You might remember her?

Vintage bride Ruth in original 1950s lace wedding dress, from my West London studio.
Since then, some of my brides have asked about this darling flower crown Ruth wears. It makes the perfect complement to Ruth's original 1960s wedding dress – and would look equally beautiful with many other styles, from 1970s floaty boho wedding dresses to slinky 1930s styles.
Ruth wears a unique bridal flower crown to complement her 1950s wedding dress.

I'm delighted to report it was made specially by Ruth's mother, Julia. And I now have a few of Julia's gorgeous creations available for brides in my new Etsy store.
One of Julia Mason's delicate hand-made bridal crowns, from my Etsy store.
Julia made the first head-dress for her daughter's wedding in the summer of 2015, and now makes them to order. She has various styles all with subtle differences, and each one is completely original.
Delicate flower crown – the perfect complement to vintage wedding dresses.
Her delicate creations are light and airy – not quite like any other bridal headdress I've seen. They have a very ethereal quality, don't you think?
Three delicate tiers of dainty flowers – from my new Etsy store.
Delicate flower crown worn low, with Angel 1930s style wedding dress.
Handmade flower crown, available now from my Etsy store.
Stunning three-tier head-dress – a future heirloom, £195 from my Etsy store
Each piece is entirely hand-made and completely original (Julia creates every individual flower herself). Many, many hours of work goes into each one. They really are beautiful heirlooms of the future, to pass on to your children.
A beautiful two-tier headdress, priced from £145 in my Etsy store.
Visit my new Etsy store for vintage wedding dresses & accessories
I'm delighted to be working with Julia on her new venture, and to have some of these stunning pieces available at my new Etsy store. Do drop in and have a look – prices are from £85 for a comb, £155 for a two tier pice and £195 for a three tier band. Or if you'd like to try one on, contact me to make an appointment at my studio in West London.

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