Sunday, 6 March 2016

Two original lace wedding dresses – just made for dancing – for our real vintage bride Annie...

Dear Reader,
Remember our lovely vintage bride Annie? Annie is a professional dancer – so being able to twirl prettily in her dress was very important!
Annie rocks the dance floor in fantastic 'Betty Draper style' 1950s wedding dress
We solved the problem by finding not one but two original vintage wedding dresses for Annie to wear on the day.
Pretty as a picture, Annie in original 1940s lace wedding dress, with gorgeous bridesmaids
Annie getting ready for the ceremony in our  lovely original 1940s lace wedding dress
Well, I've just found lots of lovely new pics of Annie and Dickie's Buckinghamshire wedding, on great wedding blog RockMyWedding… check it out here.
Check out Annie's original vintage wedding dresses here
1940s lace wedding dresses are always a romantic and chic choice.
Happy Days!
And of course you can see more of gorgeous Annie – and both her vintage lace wedding dresses! – in my original post here, too...
Heavenly Vintage Brides

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