Friday, 8 April 2016

Friday Inspiration: a Vogue Vintage Wedding from 1929

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A charming story for our inspiration today: this beautiful bride is Francesca Braggiotti, serene and graceful in her 1929 satin and lace wedding dress... 
Francesca Baggiotti in 1929 wedding dress, photo by Edward Steichen for Vogue.
This demure and elegant 1920s wedding dress was made for Francesca's wedding to John Davis Lodge, and was something of a departure from Francesca's usual style. As you can see, Francesca didn't always look so butter–wouldn't–melt...! 
Mrs Lodge wows on stage. 1930s but so glamorous and so modern.
A famed beauty, Francesca and her sister Berthe were a renowned Italian dance duo, who ran a dance studio above the barracks of the Brookline Fire Department in Massachussetts. Francesca's costumes required special authorisation by the Mayor himself – as they were deemed too small to be worn on a public beach! All in the name of art, of course…
A fan photo of renowned 1920s beauty, Francesca
Francesca met her husband–to–be on the set of a movie; John Davis Lodge was the grandson of a famous Senator and would himself go into politics in later life. But in 1929, at the time of their wedding, he and Francesca made a fabulous glamour couple – the IT couple of 1929! 
Francesca and husband John Davis Lodge
Once his career in politics began to take off, Francesca successfully transformed herself into a very respectable Mrs John Davis Lodge. The papers called her 'the First Lady of Connecticut' and 'a popular member of New York society's younger set'.
A popular member of New York's younger set!
Francesca and John had a long and happy marriage. Here they are in 1971, while John was US Ambassador in Buenos Aires… Still looking rather fabulous.
In the grounds of the US Embassy, Buenos Aires
Francesca lived to the grand age of 96. What a fantastic character, and what a life she must have enjoyed!
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